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PDS Industries is a quality and innovative machining solutions company established in 1945.

Our continuing goal of growth as a company is directly related to the success of our customer. To this end, we will continue to expand our capabilities to provide quality and innovative machining solutions.

The PDS Difference

PDS Industries is a Woman-Owned Small Business operating in the greater Pittsburgh area, while maintaining a long track record of consistency and strength. Since 1945, Precision Defense Services (PDS) Industries has been providing high quality and innovative machining solutions while, establishing and maintaining long-term relationships, being a leading supplier of precision machined components supporting the military, aerospace, commercial and energy industries.

We have an unwavering focus on improving and optimizing value in every area of our business to achieve peak performance and deliver exceptional value to our customers. While working hard to meet our customers’ needs, we also feel a strong sense of responsibility to our associates, to the community in which we operate and to the natural environment.

Our efforts in quality have been acknowledged by the International Organization for Standards with ISO9001; 2015 and AS9100.


Our Facility

Our modern facility is located in Irwin, PA and consists of over 80,000ft² of space for our state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality assurance equipment, as well as administration.  Production demands require that we operate three shifts, as well as during weekends when needed.

Why We Succeed

PDS is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality components and assemblies that meet or exceed all customer requirements. Our Management Team provides the best tools that allow us to leverage our most important resource, our employees, to understand and improve our processes every day while looking for better, faster, and more efficient ways to deliver success to our customers. We the Employees of PDS are personally committed to understanding, meeting, and continually improving our customer experience. An average of 20 years of employment shows our dedication.

Our Business is high value-added precision machined components and assemblies. PDS delivers highly consistent quality machined parts meeting the most demanding tolerances. We are up for the customer challenge. Our Strategy is to run PDS to deliver customer products on-time, defect-free, at the lowest cost possible, while building customer relationships and exceeding customer expectations.



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