PDS Industries has a multifaceted process engineering team that has experience with machining, grinding, welding, metal forming, fabrication, electrical discharge machining, assemblies, repairs, helium leak, destructive, non- destructive, pump (PDP), hydrostatic, and custom load testing. PDS Industries also has an in-depth knowledge of subcontract coatings such as chrome, nickle, phosphate, anodizing, galvanizing, zinc and powder coatings. We are proficient with all industry standard and military requirements.



PDS Industries products and materials can be found in such technologically advanced systems as: aircraft radar, missiles and nuclear components for government and commercial requirements. Our years of experience in these fields provide us with the technical, operational and quality expertise to meet your most demanding requirements.



Based on customer and contractual requirements, our engineers are responsible for development of all aspects of the manufacturing process.  From operational procedures, to final inspection, our goal is to use a  multi-disciplinary approach to develop a reliable and predictable manufacturing process.  With the use of 3D CAD software, we have the capability to take an interactive approach to develop the most efficient, cost effective manufacturing process to create any part requested by our customers.


Our state of the art facility utilizes the latest machining technologies to provide our customers with the best possible part at the lowest possible price without a compromise on quality.  Due to the large array of equipment at our disposal, there is almost no part that we cannot produce.  With a part envelope reaching approximately 120″ x 60″ x 44″ our customers have relied on PDS Industries to provide them with precision parts while holding tolerances as tight as +/-0.0005″.

With the recent addition of nine CNC machines over the past few years, we have not only increased our manufacturing capacity but also decreased the time it takes to complete a job.  These new machines provide for a more flexible approach to scheduling jobs that allows us to accommodate the increasingly aggressive delivery demands of today’s customers.


To ensure projects are completed on time, our dedicated manufacturing team operates three shifts, 24 hours.



E.D.M. is a controlled metal-removal process that is used to remove metal by means of electric spark erosion. In this process, an electric spark is used as a cutting tool to cut (erode) the work piece through the electrode, usually made of graphite to the desired shape to be cut into the workpiece. The metal removal process is achieved by applying a pulse (on/off) electrical charge of high-frequency current through the electrode to the work piece while being submerged in either dielectric or deionized water. This removes (erodes) very tiny pieces of metal from the workpiece at a controlled rate.

PDS Industries has been using this method of machining since 1945. This method of machining is used for parts that cannot be machined by conventional methods. PDS Industries has developed eight custom long stroke machines with a maximum stroke of 68” with maximum work piece capacity of 36” x 38” x 90”. We can machine features in parts that no one else can, while maintaining profile tolerances as tight as 0.003” over 68”.


Commercial Nuclear

PDS Industries is now fabricating ASME Nuclear Components under “NPT-N-4570” Stamp for Class 1, 2, 3, CS & MC fabrication without design responsibility and, without design responsibility for Class 1, 2, 3 & MC supports (supports limited to the 1998 edition, 1998 addenda and earlier editions and addenda of the Code). Our Nuclear Inspection agency is 1CS America. We are qualified and accredited as a material organization under ASME quality system. Supply ferrous and nonferrous material meeting the requirements of ASME Section III, Class 1, 2 & 3 materials including; qualification of non-certified material organizations, utilizing of unqualified source material, shipment of material from qualified material organizations to other parties, and approval and control of suppliers.

The variety of what PDS Industries can produce is endless and is adjustable to the customer’s needs. Our company can produce the product to meet all safety and applicable standards. We are capable of dedicating virtually any commercially available part or raw material for a safety related application, often, less expensively than traditional sources. We can supply customers with replacement parts and assemblies always meeting their specifications and tolerances. Please give PDS Industries the opportunity to be the next supplier for your commercial nuclear needs.