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Pump Program

PDS manufactures, assembles and tests Reciprocating Power Pumps in accordance with ANSI/HI 6.5 & 6.6(tests), American National Standard / Hydraulic Institute and military specifications.

The manufacture and assembly requires PDS to build to the customer supplied prints (design) with material and workmanship warranty.  Testing can be performed on our computer controlled test loop to confirm customer specification performance requirements are met.

All data relevant to the testing are computer recorded.  This data includes, but is not limited to; pump speed, motor kilowatt input, motor temperature, water temperature, pump capacity, and suction, discharge and atmospheric pressures.



Test Loop

The PDS test equipment is a computer controlled custom designed and built, closed loop testing device primarily constructed of 304 stainless steel piping.  It consists of a 150-gallon suction tank with a 200-psi relief valve and a 10-gallon backpressure tank with a 4000-psi relief valve.  The suction system has a 3” and a 1 ½” suction line.  The discharge system has a 1” line with process control valves, a pulsation dampener and a turbine flow meter.  The temperature of the Test Loop is controlled by using a heat exchanger, four 4.5 KW heaters in the suction tank, and a 10-ton chiller.  The achievable temperature range is 40ºF to 205ºF and can be controlled to within ±5ºF.  A vacuum pump that can produce 20” of mercury can also be used in the suction system.  The instrumentation calibration is continuously maintained per NIST requirements.