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The customers that choose to do business with PDS are among the best in their industries.  While the core of our customers have come from the defense industry, there has been an increasing amount of demand coming from the commercial markets as well.  It is because of our outstanding reputation as a high precision machine shop that we have been doing business with some customers for as long as 30 years.  And it is this same reputation that has continued to bring new customers to us seeking our services.


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No company can survive by resting on its laurels.  That is why precision machining is not the only service we provide.  Modern manufacturing companies demand more from their suppliers than just a single service.  At PDS, as a supplier, we know it is crucial to provide more for our customers than our competitors do.  By assisting our customers in the development of full scale assembly and testing of their designs, PDS has created another niche for itself as not only a supplier of machined parts but also as a reliable program development provider.


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