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Understanding the Manufacturing Process

Based on customer and contractual requirements, our Engineers are responsible for development of all aspects of the manufacturing process.  From operational procedures to final inspection our goal is to use a multi-disciplinary approach to development of a reliable and predictable manufacturing process.  With the use of 3D CAD software we have the capability to take an iterative approach as to how to develop the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing process to create any part requested by our customers.

Product Design Support

One of the biggest challenges faced by any company is reducing costs.  For decades we have always worked with our customers to cut part costs.  However, the biggest impedance to truly making the most cost effective part is design change.  As a precision machine shop we are usually approached by our customers after they have already approved their design.  Because of this there is little room for making changes to the part due to the time and cost of re-approving a new design.  To tackle this issue we have begun approaching our customers at the earliest stages possible to help them design a part that performs as required but does not require costly machining steps that are otherwise not necessary.