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Actuator Program

PDS manufactures, assembles & tests Hydraulic Rotary Actuators, traditionally used on the USAF’s F-15C Fighter Aircraft, employing APG-63 Pulse-Doppler Radars, with mechanically steered arrays.


The components for these assemblies are manufactured to Raytheon supplied drawings & specifications, requiring machining tolerances as restrictive as 50 millionths, as well as surface finishes as smooth as a 1 Ra, achieved through the diamond lapping process.


Assembled units are run through a battery of tests at PDS, including functional testing utilizing “on site” environmental test chambers, at temperatures of +255 degrees F to –65 degrees F, to evaluate unit performance during simulated temperature extremes, which could be experienced during aircraft flight.


PDS has produced these actuators since the inception of the F-15 Aircraft & currently offers a rebuild program that extends world wide, to countries beyond the United States, also utilizing the F-15 Fighter.


Raytheon has presented PDS with an “Outstanding Performance Award” for our consistent dedication to supplying quality product, delivered on schedule, while meeting program budgets.